HAYEDEH GREATEST HITS MIX 💖 | آهنگهای به یاد ماندنی هایده

HAYEDEH GREATEST HITS MIX 💖 | آهنگهای به یاد ماندنی هایده به همراه اخبار ایران و جهان، فیلم، ویدیویهای سکس اسلامی و دوربین مخفی و دیگر مطالب سرگرم کننده در مجله ویدیویی توفیدز.

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HAYEDEH GREATEST HITS MIX 💖 | آهنگهای به یاد ماندنی هایده

0:00 Soghati
3:15 Neshaneh
7:20 Nameh
9:04 Tanha Ba Golha
12:06 Tou Negah Kon
14:12 Delam Mikhad
17:46 Mehraboone Man
19:17 Sokoot
21:08 Ey Khoda
23:29 Golhaye Sorkh

🎧 Listen to the mix on Spotify → https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6pYsJWIBgIriOajsYZcyl9?si=b821d1d025ec43ae

Ma’soumeh Dadehbala (10 April 1942 – 20 January 1990), known professionally as Hayedeh (Persian: هایده), was an Iranian singer with a contralto vocal range. Known for her wide range of voice, her career spanned over two decades, and she has been widely described as one of the most popular and influential musicians of Iran. She was the elder sister of another popular singer Mahasti (مهستی). Hayedeh’s albums are still best sellers and her songs are played on Persian TV and radio channels outside Iran. Many of her songs are sung by Iranian pop singers. In April 2019 the Los Angeles City Council recognized and celebrated Hayedeh, one of the most celebrated singers in Persian culture.

Enjoy the latest Hayedeh هایده mix (HAYEDEH GREATEST HITS MIX 💖 | آهنگهای به یاد ماندنی هایده) featuring Hayedeh greatest hits including ‘Soghati’, ‘Neshaneh’, ‘Nameh’, ‘Tanha Ba Golha’, ‘Tou Negah Kon’, ‘Delam Mikhad’, ‘Mehraboone Man’, ‘Sokoot’, ‘Ey Khoda’, and ‘Golhaye Sorkh’.

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